Connect. Collaborate. Create

Leading Transformational Change to improve performance and build workforce capabilities over time.


Analyse Industry Feedback
Analysing feedback received through Surveys, seminars and conferences
Continually improving products and services
Improving quality of CIC products and services considering current and future industry needs
Identify Key Industry Stakeholders
Selecting key stakeholders based on performance outcomes
Engagement with Industry Stakeholders
Connecting with identified stakeholders effectively

Our Industry Partners

MARVS Travel Group

Travel & Tourism

Top Migration Australia

Administration & Management  Services

CIC Consultants

Project Management & Business Consulting

SKG Consulting Services

Accounting/ Tax and Compliance Consulting Firm


Offer opportunities for Work Integrated Learning for job seekers to help them get hands-on work experience. REAL EXPERIENCE for REAL JOBS

Engage in Meaningful Industry Engagement to identify and support industry needs through industry guided training.

Effectively create a local Learning and Employment Network (LEN) to develop and promote industry informed training practices.